Hardware & Networking

This starts with the proper wiring of your office and setting up network switches to connect all your devices, as well as wireless access.  We then consult on choices for Internet access and put the proper firewall in place as well as antivirus software on the PCs.  Now that the foundation is in place, we can consult on the right servers (physical and virtual), desktops, laptops and other hardware for your needs.

No client is too small.  We have clients who just need a peer to peer file server for their setup. We then have larger clients who require multiple virtual server setups using File Servers, Exchange Servers, SQL Database Servers and Terminal Servers for Remote Access. We can assist whether you have a single office or multiple locations and we handle the increasingly common request to work from home.

We work with your phone and copier vendors to insure smooth integration of their equipment.

We feel that Dell is the right combination of quality, value and support. Based on your needs, we recommend the correct systems and handle getting the quotes. As a partner in the Dell Consultant Network, we are able to get you discounted pricing. All you have to do is provide payment information. All purchases are in your company name. All items ship to IT Edge so we can prepare ahead of time.



I am betting everyone has experienced data loss at some point in time due to failed hardware, user error or some type of virus. You need more than just a backup, you need a full backup solution. That starts with identifying where all of your data is located and having as much of it centralized as possible.

Every business needs an in-house backup solution so that in the event of a large data loss, you are not waiting for your data to be slowly restored from the Cloud. You want to have multiple devices that you swap and keep one drive offsite so it cannot be encrypted. Having that offsite drive will also protect you against building damage.

We realize not everyone wants to rotate devices, so having a Cloud based backup is a great supplement to your in-house solution. Having all critical data backed up daily without user intervention is a great piece of mind.

Regardless of the backup solution, the key is working together to identify all your data and then proper training on how to check the backup. As part of the IT Edge Solution, we periodically test restore your files to verify the backup is working properly.


We believe that Email has become a vital part to every person at every business.  We will educate you on the many options out there for Email.  Having your email in the Cloud is typically the best way to go for small businesses and you have 2 types of email setup. The original form of email is called ‘POP’ mail where the email is in the Cloud server and you use Outlook to retrieve and bring down your messages. This is great for simple setups and very affordable. For users who need flexibility, Hosted Exchange is the way to go. The Cloud server holds your email and Outlook as well as any other devices (smartphones & tablets) sync and maintain a local copy of the mailbox. Exchange is needed to let you share Outlook data such as Calendar & Contacts.

We will educate you on your options and provide pricing so you can be setup on the Email solution that works best for you. We will also advise if Email Encryption and other add-on services make sense for your business.


Cloud services are computing resources provided via the internet. As long as you have a fast and reliable internet connection, many of your IT assets can be moved to the cloud. These types of services can provide an accessible, cost-predictable option that ideally suits businesses with remote workers or more complex IT needs. Share and collaborate on files without a centralized server. Minimize network equipment costs. Forget about power outages and data backup needs. Talk to IT Edge and let us be your trusted cloud partner.



Over half of all small business use QuickBooks for their accounting software and IT Edge is one of them. We have multiple QuickBooks Pro Advisors on staff and support 100+ clients using QuickBooks. Our consultants have a unique blend of IT and accounting knowledge, so not only can we install and troubleshoot QuickBooks, but we can advise on how to make it work best for your business. You’ll still need your CPA, but we can provide training to show you how to optimize and automate your accounting duties and generate the reports you are looking for.

We have a wide variety of clients using QuickBooks that range from Manufacturing to Professional Services.

We have done many conversions from other accounting programs to QuickBooks and have checklists in place to insure a smooth and complete migration.

We can also assist with integrating your other programs with QuickBooks.


There is a division within IT Edge for SalesForce and other Software Development work led by Frank Cabreja. Frank has 20+ years of CRM expertise. We do so much work with salesforce that we have a dedicated website.  Please click here for a link to the IT Edge CRM website.

Industry Specific Software

As you can see, IT Edge is more than a computer networking company. We understand that while hardware is necessary, the software side is what is most important to any business. IT Edge has always had employees with programming backgrounds and the ability to understand new programs. We know many businesses run industry specific database software and have seen hundreds of these programs over the years. We can assist you in choosing the right program for your needs.

More importantly, we take you out of the middle and work directly with your software vendors and become your technical liason. Our main goal is to make sure the program gets installed properly, we know how to install it on new PCs and we are sure the data is being backed up. How to run the program is handled by you and the software vendor.