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IT Service Management Solutions           West Chester, PA

At IT Edge, we are dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality IT service management and IT solutions. Fundamentally, in today’s business environment, proper IT support is vital to any business. In nearly every industry, a business that can leverage computer services has an advantage over those that can not.

Are you making the most of your business servers, email services, networks, and other IT solutions?

Many of our clients, before we came on board, found themselves:

  • Struggling to understand how specific IT services could benefit their business
  • Overwhelmed by the variety of choices for hardware, software and cloud based services; they weren’t sure which was the best for their business.
  • Exploring ways to increase their computer-based capabilities to grow and expand their business effectively
  • Wasting precious time, money, and resources working on outdated or improper setups.


Who has the time to deal with these unnecessary issues and complications? That’s why our team of certified IT consultants and IT service management professionals are primed and ready to help.

Discover how IT Edge can implement innovative solutions for your business. It’s about time you gained that competitive edge, reduced frustration, and added long-term value.

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Hardware and Networking Solutions

IT service management capabilities often begin with hardware. That is, the proper wiring of your office and setting up network switches to connect all your devices. Additionally, wireless access features can be applied to compliment your infrastructure..

Then, we consult clients on choices for Internet access. Of course with the Internet, comes security concerns. We will implement the proper firewall and security subscription for your business. Antivirus software on the PCs is mandatory as well. Then we can explore additional services to provide further protection. It’s all about safety!

Now that the foundation is in place, we can give our best recommendations on other assets. This can include the proper business-grade servers (physical and virtual), desktops, laptops and other hardware for your needs.

As every business has a need for IT service management and hardware solutions, no client is too small. We have clients who just need a simple “peer to peer” file server for their setup. This is a relatively quick and painless process if done properly.

Alternatively, we have larger clients who require more advanced “multiple virtual server setups”. These are done using Domain Controllers, File Servers, Exchange Servers, SQL Database Servers and Remote Desktop Servers for Remote Access.

No matter, the team at IT Edge can assist whether you have a single office or multiple locations. Our team of certified professionals will assist you in navigating the increasingly common request to work from home. Plus, our team works with your phone and copier vendors directly to ensure smooth integration of their equipment.

At IT Edge, we find that Dell has the ideal combination of quality, value, and support with their products. Based on your needs, we recommend the best systems for your business situation. We’ll even take care of getting the quotes for the products.

As a partner in the Dell Consultant Network, we are able to get you discounted pricing. All you have to do is provide payment information, and we’ll take care of the rest. In addition, all purchases are in your company name and ship to IT Edge so we can prepare them ahead of time.

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Computer Backup Services & Comprehensive IT Service Management in West Chester, PA

Nearly everyone has experienced data loss at some point in time due to failed hardware, user error or some type of virus.

Realistically, your business needs more than just a backup, you need completely reliable computer backup services. That starts with identifying where all of your data is located. After identifying it’s location, it’s best to centralize your data to one spot.

Every business needs an in-house backup solution. Why? In the event of a large data loss, you won’t be stuck waiting for your data to be slowly restored from the Cloud.

In an optimal situation, you’d want to have multiple devices that you swap. You’d keep one hard drive off-site so it cannot be encrypted. Having that offsite drive will also protect you against any possible building damage.

We realize that relying on rotating devices is not ideal, so having cloud backup services is a must for any business. Having all critical data backed up daily without user intervention is enough to give any business owner much-needed peace of mind.

Regardless of the backup solution, the key is working together to identify all your data. Then, our team will give you proper training on how to check the backup and receive email notifications. As part of the IT Edge Solution, we periodically test restore your files to verify the backup is working properly.

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Email Service Setup for Your Business Office Communication Made Easy

An effective email service has become a vital piece to each employee in every business. Whether communicating internally or externally, there’s little room for error. We all want our email working right, all the time.

Our team will educate you on the many email service options, and give advice on the best choice for your business. After all, proper IT service management includes giving you the ability to communicate consistently online.

Typically, setting up your email in the Cloud is the best way to go for small to medium-sized businesses. Primarily, there are two ways to set up your email.

The original form of email is called ‘POP’ mail. This is where the email is in the Cloud server and you use Outlook to retrieve and bring down your messages. This affordable solution is great for simple setups. For users who need flexibility, Hosted Exchange is the way to go. We are partnered with Microsoft Office365 for Hosted Exchange.

First, the Cloud server holds your email. Next, Outlook, as well as any other devices (smartphones & tablets), sync and maintain a local copy of the mailbox. Exchange is necessary to allow you share Outlook data such as Calendar & Contacts.

Our IT consultants will educate you on your options. We will also provide relevant pricing information to ensure that you are set up on the email service that works best for you. We will also advise if Email Encryption via Secure Email and other add-on services make sense for your business.

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Cloud Computing Services | Powerful Computing for Your Business

Cloud computing services are computing resources provided via cloud servers that you rent versus investing in your own server hardware and software.

As long as you have a fast and reliable internet connection, many of your IT assets can be moved to the cloud.

Overall, cloud computing services can provide an accessible option with straightforward fixed costs. These services ideally suit businesses with remote workers or more complex IT needs.

When conducting IT service management with the cloud, you can minimize server equipment costs.

In addition, you can share and collaborate on files without the need for a centralized server. With this option, you can forget about power outages and complicated data backup needs.

Reach out the IT Edge team and let us be your trusted cloud partner.

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QuickBooks Consulting Services | QuickBooks ProAdvisor Assistance

As over half of all small business use QuickBooks, our QuickBooks consulting services are here for you.

At IT Edge, we have multiple QuickBooks Pro Advisors on staff. Plus, our team supports 100+ clients using QuickBooks.

With a unique blend of Accounting and IT experience, our team of professionals is ready to support your business.

Ranging across multiple industries, our QuickBooks ProAdvisors can assist your business through multiple channels. Whether through QuickBooks setup, optimization, automation, or troubleshooting, our team is ready to help.

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Salesforce Consulting Services | Adding Value Through CRM Services

There is a division within IT Edge for SalesForce consulting, CRM services, and other Software Development. This is led by Frank Cabreja. 

Frank has 20+ years of experience with CRM services. 

The demand for Salesforce and CRM services has gained much traction. Because of this, we have a dedicated website to these services.

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Industry Specific Software | Optimize Your Business Through IT Service Management

As you can see, IT Edge is much more than ‘just another computer networking company’. Fundamentally, we understand that while hardware is necessary, the software side is what is most important to any business.

IT Edge has always had employees with programming backgrounds and the ability to understand new programs. We know that many businesses run industry-specific database software. Our team has seen hundreds of these programs over the years.

Hence, we can assist you in choosing the right program for your needs. More importantly, we help to simplify matters by working directly with your software vendors, becoming your technical liaison.

Our main goal is to make sure the program gets installed properly. We know how to install it on new PCs, and we will be sure that the data is being backed up. Running the program is between you and your software vendor. However, our team will conduct the initial install, setup, and backup of the program.