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On The Cutting Edge of Branding Services

Branding services at IT Edge leverage all aspects of our expertise – graphic design, marketing, and available technologies. While branding services can be broad, IT Edge has settled in our niche of helping local and emerging businesses establish their identity.

Often, one of the first components of a company is the logo. Do you know the colors of the logo for future branding? Are you aware of the fonts that you are using in your logo, or on your website? Does everything properly match? These are just a few examples of the questions we address with our partners.

As we move forward, we build branding guides and strategies for carving out marketshare in, often competitive, markets. With IT Edge’s branding services behind you, we work together to establish strategies for navigating an ever-increasing technology-saturated world.

By understanding your identity through tone, messaging, fonts, colors, and more, we create effective strategies for growth and thriving.

Branding Services to Elevate Your Business

Branding can include a lot of things, here are some of our specialties…

Branding Guides

A branding guide will typically consist of brand logos, colors, and fonts. Once each of these components are defined, our team will compile all of the elements into an easy-to-understand ‘branding guide’ for later use.

Content Tone

Are you trying to be funny, informative, or something else entirely? Our team helps you to understand your language in blog posts and web content to hit the nail on the head – to give clients what they expect, or to totally mix it up.

Niche Research

With the use of local competitive research and keyword research via SEO, our team is able to identify gaps in local marketplaces. This can assist in guiding the direction of content or other digital assets down the road.


Our team advises on the most effective methods for messaging your particular niche. With such a wide variety of digital an physical platforms available, allow our team to help you to narrow down the search.

The best time to start is now

If your brand isn’t established, you’re wasting time – get started today.

How are Branding Services with IT Edge unique?

Our branding services provide a unique take on the branding environment. IT Edge, as a technology consulting company, has day-to-day hands-on experience with new technologies, digital marketing and media, and real-world technology application.

This unique viewpoint allows us to incorporate modern strategies to age-old marketing techniques. Our experience with the Adobe suite and various software platforms gives us the opportunity to provide low-cost, high-impact services.

As our partnerships grow, clients are always growing and adapting to increasingly technology-saturated envrionemnts. Our branding services allow you to get a head start in this space, with room to grow as the external environment continues to change.

Ready to get started with branding services with IT Edge today? Let’s get started.

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A Few Areas We Serve

One of the primary benefits of Digital Marketing is that our team can serve any client, anywhere. Even so, as a technology consulting company based in West Chester, PA, we primarily serve clients in the greater Philadelphia area.

West Chester, PA | Exton, PA | Downingtown, PA | Lionville, PA | Thorndale, PA | Coatesville, PA | Honeybrook, PA | Chester Springs, PA | Bryn Mawr, PA | Frazier, PA | Concordville, PA | Glen Mills, PA | Unionville, PA | Malvern, PA | Paoli, PA