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Social Media Advertising Services

Reaching audiences on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Find which is right for you!

The Cutting Edge of Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising services are designed to expand the reach of your brand. Whether you’re interested in advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or more, we’ve got you covered.

While organic reach is excellent, sometimes social media advertising should take the lead in your digital marketing growth strategy. With all of the potential platforms to use, it’s best to consult with an expert at IT Edge to make that decision.

Our team conducts social media advertising services on multiple platforms and at all levels. In doing this, our team plays a part in the full ad creation and design process, from establishing the creatives to writing the text content and tracking results.

With AB testing capabilities offered by most of these platforms, our team leverages all available tools to test and strategize for your business. Connect with us today to learn more.

Full Service Social Media Advertising Services

At IT Edge, we do all we can to ensure optimial ad performance – see a few components of the process below.


With so many social media platforms at your disposal, it may be difficult to make the right choice. Should you be targeting users on Facebook, Instagram, or somewhere else entirely? Our team will help you make the decision.


What will the users see when they encounter your ad? Is it a high-quality graphic, a few lines of text, or something unique? Our team will advise and generate creatives for your next advertising campaign, complete with uploads.


Once your ad is created, do you know who you’re going to target? With so many options, it can be hard to decide. Our team will assist in choosing demographics or areas that will make the most impact for your campaign objectives.


When running ads, testing and strategizing are some of the most important steps. In the first few weeks or months of a campaign, you’ll be testing different creatives, copy, demographics, and more to hone in on the best match.

The best time to start is now

Social media advertising services can take a few weeks or months to become optimized – don’t waste time!

Social Media Advertising Services with IT Edge

Social media advertising services are great, but what happens after somebody clicks on your ad? With other agencies, they may specialize in running excellent ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms. Yet, when a potential client clicks on the ad or goes to investigate your platform, they come up empty.

That’s why we recommend a full-stack approach to social media advertising services. When somebody sees your ad, they’ll check out your social profiles, website, and reviews to name a few. Are all of these up to standard? Or, are they lagging behind?

With a large investment such as social media advertising, our team recommends first addressing foundational business assets such as profiles and the website. From there, you can accrue reviews, landing pages, and more to lead towards greater return on your social media advertising budget.

We’re here to give advice and drive success, and that is reflected every step of the way. Our team takes pride in being responsive, effective, and adaptive to your campaign strategy and needs. Connect with us today to learn more.

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One of the primary benefits of Digital Marketing is that our team can serve any client, anywhere. Even so, as a technology consulting company based in West Chester, PA, we primarily serve clients in the greater Philadelphia area.

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