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Cybersecurity Services in West Chester, PA

Cybercrime has evolved drastically over the years and decades from being a concern for only large enterprises and governments to branching out to small and medium-sized businesses. Cybercriminals have discovered that small and medium businesses (SMBs) are easy, low-hanging fruit for ransomware attacks.

For years, SMBs have felt that they are too small to be targeted and have nothing to offer to a hacker. But with Ransomware attacks being a $20 billion industry, everyone is now a target. In response to the acceleration of cybercrime, we have developed an advanced cybersecurity service that is effective, sophisticated, and cost-effective.

We have developed a robust cybersecurity platform built with industry leading technologies. Our platform allows us to handle endpoint security needs, email security, vulnerability management, security auditing and consulting. As trends and exploits change in the industry our team is dedicated to continuously researching the newest and best ways to keep your assets safe.

Webroot Setup & Support 

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection, DNS Protection, and Security Awareness Training were specifically designed to serve the unique challenges faced by MSPs and small- to medium-sized businesses. Integrated into the same unified admin console, Webroot’s cybersecurity solutions offer the automation and ease of management you need to successfully grow your business.

Webroot has been doing “next-gen” and “AI” since before it was cool. In fact, they’ve been:

  • Securing the connected world since 1997
  • Innovating, refining, and applying machine learning for effective cybersecurity since 2007
  • Fully cloud-based since 2011

Webroot puts time back in your day so you can focus on other business-critical tasks.

Malwarebytes EDR Setup & Support 

Malwarebytes EDR provides storylines to optimize threat hunting and utilizing indicators of compromise and 24/7 behavioral analysis. Malwarebytes actively scans endpoints for anomalies and unusual behavior and leveraging next-generation anti-virus to prevent known and unknown malicious attacks. If malware bypasses Malwarebytes EDR, Malwarebytes can roll back up to 72 hours of data on each endpoint that is protected.  

The proprietary Malwarebytes Linking Engine tracks every artifact, change, and process alteration (including memory executables others miss). A true “one and done” solution then maps out the correct path to remove all malware permanently, including PUPs and PUMs. 

Malwarebytes now includes Brute Force Protection to block malicious login attempts and prevent intrusion attacks targeting RDP on Windows workstations and servers. Their powerful scan and detection engine provides more robust protection against infections from exploits and packaged and polymorphic malware, making it ideal for remote work environments where users may be easier targets. 

SentinelOne Setup & Support 

SentinelOne is an industry-leading endpoint protection platform with robust security features to secure our customer’s endpoints and backed by a 24/7 security operations center (SOC). The core of SentinelOne is its next-gen antivirus and remediation capabilities.

SentinelOne has built-in static artificial intelligence and behavioral artificial intelligence, which helps prevent known and zero-day malicious attacks. Behavioral AI continuously analyzes your machine for anomalies or unusual behavior helping us stop malicious attacks that find a way in.  

SentinelOne also comes with impressive endpoint control features, which allows us to be highly granular with what is allowed on each device. Additionally, in the event of a system compromise, we can swiftly segment individual endpoints into quarantine networks to prevent the spread of the malware or virus and continue to work on it offline to remediate the issue. SentinelOne comes with a ransomware warranty of up to $1,000,000  and rollback if an endpoint is compromised with ransomware.  

A Few Areas We Serve

As a technology consulting company based in West Chester, PA, we primarily serve clients in the greater Philadelphia area.

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