Small Business Cybersecurity Services

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Small Business Cybersecurity Services

As the internet continues to grow and evolve, so do the strategies of cybercriminals. It was once thought that cybercriminals would only target giant corporations with billions of dollars, but in recent times, their focus has shifted onto smaller businesses.

Small businesses, thinking that cybercriminals are not a threat to them, often don’t realize the need for a cybersecurity system. This leaves their company and their livelihood at risk to many different types of cyber attacks that will exploit them. 

Here at IT Edge, we recognize the fact that all small businesses can eventually become targets for cybercrime, which is why we offer services specifically for you. Our small business cybersecurity services are specifically designed to keep small and local businesses protected.

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Small Business Cybersecurity Services Keep You Safe

Small business cybersecurity services with IT Edge offers three main security software that are specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses. Each of these programs offers their own strengths and focuses, so during your consultation, we’ll find out the right program for your company.

Our current programs are:

  • Webroot 
    • Webroot offers endpoint protection, DNS protection, and Security Awareness Training, all specifically designed to serve the challenges faced by small to medium sized businesses. Being around since 1997, Webroot has seen all of the various techniques that cybercriminals use, and learned ways to protect against them all.
  • Malwarebytes EDR
    • Malwarebytes EDR provides the luxury of 24/7 behavioral analysis, so it can detect anomalies on your device any time of the day. In addition to their advanced surveillance, Malwarebytes offers extensive protection against malware, tracking everything that it touches, in the event of a breach. With tWith the movement of the malware recorded, you can remove all malware permanently and not have to worry about it again.
  • SentinelOne
    • SentinelOne, like Malwarebytes, also offers 24/7 surveillance of your device by method of artificial intelligence. These AI capabilities continuously analyze your machine for anomalies or unusual behavior. This allows SentinelOne to stop malicious attacks as soon as they begin. In addition to its preventative features, SentinelOne offers a ransomware warranty of up to one million dollars if your device becomes compromised by ransomware.

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Small Business Cybersecurity Services Includes Setup and Support

We know that the IT world can be complicated, especially if you don’t know a lot about it. When it comes to things like cybersecurity, it helps to have a professional walk you through the process, so you can make sense of all the foreign information. 

Here at IT Edge, that’s exactly what we do. During your initial consultation for small business cybersecurity services, we’ll figure out what software fits you and your business’ needs best. Once we decide on what software to implement, our field technicians will install it for you, no questions asked. 

During the installation phase, we’ll continue to learn more about your company as we set up the software, tailoring it exactly to your needs. Even once the installation and setup is complete, we’re still there if you need it.

We know that dealing with technology can be difficult sometimes which is why we offer consistent support, whenever you need it. Anytime you’re struggling with your cybersecurity software, we’ll be there to help.

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Now that you know more about why small business cybersecurity services are important, we hope you don’t delay. The longer you don’t have a cybersecurity service, the longer that you’re at risk of cybercrime. 

Protect yourself and your business with small business cybersecurity services. For over 30 years and 500 plus clients, IT Edge has been trusted with all of your small business technology needs. Contact us today for a consultation!