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Marketing Analytics Services

Make informed business decisions by implementing best-practice analytics technologies.

The Cutting Edge of Digital Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics services with IT Edge are a vital component of Digital Marketing success. When taking part in any Digital Marketing strategy, marketing analytics are crucial to understand whether or not you’re taking the right steps.

With so many options, choosing the correct Marketing Analytics Service can be difficult. With options such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, and more, we help you make the right choice.

Further, Marketing Analytics services span between websites and social media platforms. Ultimately, each must be tracked independently. Yet, each platform will have their analytics compiled into one monthly report, for your review and decision making moving forward.

Our team provides full-service Marketing Analytics services, from setup to strategy consultations. If you’re interested in learning more, connect with our team today.

Tracking Analytics on Hundreds of Platforms, Including…

Marketing Analytics Services For Understanding It All

Every analytics package is unique based on your needs – here are some of the most popular components to track.


Tracking impressions allows you to understand how many times your content has been viewed, or how many ‘impressions’ it has made. This metric allows us to understand the general reach of content placed online for users.


Relevant on ads and websites, this relates to how many times an online asset is clicked on and sends the user to another place. This could be to a custom-built landing page, to a product page, contact page, or otherwise. Learn more today.


Engagement is typically a recorded metric for Social Media – how many times was your online asset liked, shared, commented on, etc.? By comparing engagement on different kinds of posts, we can guage interest online.

Bounce Rate

When visiting your website or page, are your users engaged with the content? If not, they may instantly click away. This would be considered a ‘bounce’, and our team works diligently to reduce how often this happens for clients.

The best time to start is now

Analytics can take time to understand the bigger picture – but it all starts with the setup.

How our Marketing Analytics Services are unique

Marketing analytics services at IT Edge are much different than a typical analytics company or a Digital Marketing Agency. Of course, every company has to have a specialty – but ours happens to be technology. This means that we incorporate our knowledge of Cybersecurity, Domain Registration, Web Design, and more in one place for your benefit.

Our team strives to provide marketing analytics services at low costs, compared to typical analytics or digital marketing agencies. This is not due to a lower standard of tracking and reporting, but rather due to modern processes which allow our team to reduce the amount of time to track and report data. This leaves us with additional time to talk strategy and success.

Whether you want the minimum Google Search Console setup or a full marketing plan reported every month, IT Edge has the tools for you.

Questions? Ask away.

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One of the primary benefits of Digital Marketing is that our team can serve any client, anywhere. Even so, as a technology consulting company based in West Chester, PA, we primarily serve clients in the greater Philadelphia area.

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