IT Helpdesk Support

An 8AM-5PM on-call helpdesk, ready to support your technology needs.

On The Cutting Edge of IT Helpdesk Support

IT Helpdesk Support is a key aspect of business success with IT Edge. The IT Helpdesk is direct support to clients of IT Edge, and we take pride in our proven success in issue resolution in real-time.

Our IT Helpdesk Support has multiple techs in-house daily to support your business. Our techs receive incoming calls and provide instant support to ensure that your business technology is operating properly.

Additionally, the IT Helpdesk Support team includes a Dispatcher to make sure that all requests are handled in a timely fashion. This also ensures that quality service is provided to all clients of IT Edge. Our Service Manager is in-house daily to handle all escalated requests and to be on call for our clients.

Our IT Helpdesk support specializes in support for small-to-medium-sized businesses, and has a 30-year track record of success.

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Every day without Helpdesk Support is another day for a potential technology mishap – protect yourself today.

How is the IT Edge Helpdesk Different?

The IT Edge IT Support Helpdesk comes equipped with multiple techs, a Dispatcher, and a Service Manager to ensure success at multiple levels. Our implementation of ConnectWise allows our techs to support any user remotely, and more importantly, immediately.

When submitting an IT Helpdesk Support ticket with IT Edge, each request is entered as a new, unique ticket. This helps our team greatly reduce the risk of any support request being overlooked.

When considering scheduling and ensuring that our team is available to assist all clients, a scheduling module is used to allow our team to collaborate and provide stellar service.

Even better yet, as an IT Helpdesk Support team for local businesses, our techs can send Field Technicians to your business or location to assist you in-person. When it comes to computers, servers, and more, some issues need to be handled in-person – and we’ve got you covered.

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