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Industries We Serve

While our services span all small-to-medium sized businesses, we do have our specialties. Simply click on any of the industries listed below to learn more.

Discover A Managed Service Provider for Your Industry | West Chester, PA

In today’s business environment, every business could benefit from the expertise of a managed service provider.

Are you wondering how your industry could benefit from IT consulting expertise? Well, for one, many industries have an industry-standard software program.

For the most effective software programs, they can seem daunting to apply in your business network. Yet, with the certified professionals at IT Edge behind you, you can rest assured you’re making the right move for your business.

Fundamentally, it is necessary to understand which software is best for your business. Once this is decided, it’s time to understand how to implement it properly.

Then, you’ll start seeing that all-important ROI, increased productivity, and less frustrations. Do these sound good to you? Learn how our IT consultants can help your business stand out within your industry today.

Are you making the most of your business servers, email services, networks, and other IT solutions?

Many of our clients, before we came on board, found themselves:

  • Struggling to understand how specific IT services could benefit their business
  • Overwhelmed by the variety of choices for hardware, software and cloud based services; they weren’t sure which was the best for their business.
  • Exploring ways to increase their computer-based capabilities to grow and expand their business effectively
  • Wasting precious time, money, and resources working on outdated or improper setups.

Who has the time to deal with these unnecessary issues and complications? That’s why our team of certified IT consultants and IT service management professionals are primed and ready to help.

Discover how IT Edge can implement innovative solutions for your business. It’s about time you gained that competitive edge, reduced frustration, and added long-term value.

Title Agency Software Services

IT Edge has established itself as the leading technology partner for Real Estate and Title Agency software services for over 30 years.

Overall, our team serves over 75 clients in these two industries combined. This trend began when we became the Preferred Partner for TitleExpress and developed a close working relationship with Title Support Services (TSS).

Since then, our expertise has expanded greatly. Our staff is now proficient in maintaining all facets of your business.

This includes paperless work-flow, email encryption, and other security solutions.

Over the last 30 years, we have developed strong knowledge of the following software:

  • TitleExpress
  • SoftPro
  • AccuTitle
  • Qualia
  • RamQuest
  • GreenFolders

Are you interested in learning more ways our Real Estate and Title Agency software services can benefit your business? Reach out to us today.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) & Accounting Software Services

The IT Edge team supports many CPA firms with their accounting software services in the greater West Chester area. Our owner, Walt Ball, worked as a controller prior to starting his own IT firm.

Therefore, we are very aware of the many IT needs of any CPA firm. Our team is able to conduct business network setup and accounting software setup correctly the first time.

Our CPA clients are the number one source of our referrals for new clients. They know that our small to medium-sized business network setup and support, in addition to our QuickBooks expertise, makes us a great fit for their clients.

We have strong knowledge of the following tax preparation software:

  • CCH Pro Systems FX
  • Thompson Reuters Creative Solutions UltraTax
  • Drake
  • Intuit ProSeries

Are you interested in learning more ways that IT Edge can benefit your CPA firm? Reach out to our team today.

Attorney Software Services

IT Edge has extensive experience with attorney software services, as attorneys hold the place as our third largest account group.

Hence, our team of certified technicians serve a wide range of attorneys and we are able to provide the comprehensive support they require. Our staff is familiar with the specific IT needs of each specialized firm.

Importantly, our techs are well versed in providing rock solid email solutions for any business or office. This means that communication to clients will never be an issue with our team behind you.

Over the years, we have developed strong knowledge of the following legal database software:

  • Time Matters
  • Amicus
  • Abacus
  • TimeSlips
  • TABS

Connect with our team to learn about all the ways IT Edge can provide your attorney software service needs.

Heating, Venting & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Software Services

IT Edge takes pride in the high level of service that we provide. We consider ourselves a service-based company, not a sales-based company. Ultimately, that is why our team works well with our HVAC clients. Both teams are sure to value prompt and professional service at a fair price.

Today, IT Edge continues to expand our reach to HVAC clients through referrals within the industry.

We have strong knowledge of the following HVAC database software:

  • ESC
  • Successware
  • ServMan
  • Timberline

This is just scratching the surface. Reach out to our team to learn how we can provide quality HVAC software services to your company today.

Dentist Software Services

IT Edge provides setup and support for many dental offices in the greater West Chester area. These offices vary in size, ranging from 2 to 15 exam rooms.

Specifically, our team has experience working directly with vendors to secure proper X-ray equipment. The IT Edge staff is also able to ensure that dental office software is installed and set up properly the first time.

Similarly to common dental practices, our team believes in preventive and consistent care. That’s why we conduct routine server maintenance every 6 months for your servers.

We have strong knowledge of the following dental database software:

  • Eaglesoft
  • Dentrix
  • Dentech
  • PracticeWorks
  • Dexis & Schick


Interested in learning more ways IT Edge can add value to through dentist software services? Reach out to our team today.

Software Services Specific To Your Industry

To be clear, the team at IT Edge can provide setup and support services to businesses beyond these listed industries.

Being primarily referral based for our leads, we have had the opportunity to work with many different types of clients. This means we have had a lot of exposure to various industries.

Therefore, our team has developed the ability to know how to work with new software programs quickly and effectively. Plus, we take pride in our onboarding process so that we get our clients into an easy to support mode with little downtime.

Odds are, we have clients similar to your business or industry and can provide them as references.

Curious to learn if IT Edge can provide these services to your specific business or industry? Don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.