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Website design services at IT Edge are designed to enhance your business or organizations’ overall online presence. In today’s environment, your online presence says a lot about who you are. By using modern techniques and best-practice processes, our team elevates the typical website above the rest.

We believe that a website is much more than just a portfolio, a contact form, or a picture of your building. Ultimately, your website is a tool – whether you’re trying to inform, persuade, or convert leads.

As a vital aspect of the marketing funnel, your website should be secure, aesthetic, and functional. If any of these aspects are missed, you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity to leverage a universal tool.

While there are some common aspects to websites, they should, at the end of the day, be tailored to your brand. At IT Edge, our web design services are customized, oriented towards your brand, and then targeted towards your preferred demographic. Want to learn more? Click the button below.

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Built-In Website Features

Each of our websites come packed with these elements. See optional website add-ons below.

CMS Setup

Your CMS, or Content Management System, is your central hub for all things online. While WordPress is our weapon of choice, we can integrate into any CMS software to start your digital journey. We do all the setup for you.

Theme Installation

Whether you’re on WordPress, Squarespace, or elsewhere, your Theme gives the general look of your site. We typically build our themes from the ground-up with your input, often using the Divi Themebuilder application.

Sitemap Creation

What’s the best way to navigate your website? Understanding the placement of pages, then creating a sitemap so that search engines can read your content, is vital. No worries, we’ve got you covered here. 

Custom Header

The Header is located at the top of a website – usually, this contains your logo, menus, and occasionally a phone number, email, or other call to action. We’ll craft your header customized to your needs, then implement it for you. 

Custom Footer

The Footer is the counterpart to the Header, found at the bottom of a website. This contains any additional pages or documents, opt-in fields, call-to-actions, or more, as you see fit. Let us know what you need and we’ll plug it in.

Anti-Spam Forms

Spam is everywhere this day and age. Whether real people or bots, you don’t want your inbox flooded with unwanted messages. We employ Google’s ReCaptcha V3 to prevent spam from finding it’s way to your inbox – a modern solution.


You have your brand, and you have your website – how do you combine the two? With the proper font, colors, spacing, and more. We can put together a branding guide for your organization and implement it into your website build.

Content Uploads

When our team builds a website, we enter into a partnership. Our team will do the tech stuff, and we’ll implement your content into the new website. This would be all photos, videos, text, and more as you see fit.

Add-On Website Features

These features can be added to your website as desired at additional cost

Email Opt-Ins

Allow your website visitors to join your mailing list through Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or more. No matter which platform you use, your website and email campaign should be connected. We’ll make it super easy to join up.

Complex Forms

While a simple contact form is included in a base site build, more complex forms may be desired. These could be complex inquiry forms, application areas, or more. We’ll build and install these custom forms for your team.

Events Calendar

If your business or organziation hosts events, a Calendar is a must. Highlight upcoming events, and allow your website visitors to see what you have on the schedule. We’ll even update the calendar for you, if you’d like.

Data Tracking

They always say ‘knowledge is power’. Understand how users and potential leads are interacting with your website through Google Analytics, Search Console, and SEMRush. Gather the numbers, then create the strategy.

Webpage Sidebar

A sidebar on your website could be a great way to display recent posts, upcoming events, additional services or products, or more. If you could use a sidebar, we’ve got you covered. We’ll give full content recs with the build, too.

Social Media Feed

If you’re building a marketing funnel correctly, social media and your website should go hand-in-hand. If you’d like your latest posts displayed on your new website, our team can take care of that for you, no strings attached.

Social Media Icons

This a quick and easy addition, and we’d recommend this for everyone. Plug your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business, and more through icons on your website header and footer. Tying these together is a good move.

Projects Page

You’ve probably done great work, but how will people know if they can’t see it on your site? Create a project page, then highlight the different projects throughout your website. These go great on a sidebar or on a service page.

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Each of our websites come packed with these features. See optional website add-ons below.

How is IT Edge Different?

Website design services at IT Edge are much different than a typical web design company. Of course, every company has to have a specialty – but ours happens to be technology. This means that we incorporate our knowledge of Cybersecurity, Domain Registration, Web Hosting, and more in one place.

Our team strives to provide websites at all-time-low costs for the typical web design company. This is not due to a lower standard of website creation, but rather due to modern processes which allow our team to reduce the amount of time to build each site.

Between our Monthly Digital Marketing Retainers, our one-off projects, or our base annual fundamental maintenance plans, there is a little something for everybody. Whether you want the bare minimum functional website, or an automated marketing powerhouse, we’re the team for you.

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One of the primary benefits of Digital Marketing is that our team can serve any client, anywhere. Even so, as a technology consulting company based in West Chester, PA, we primarily serve clients in the greater Philadelphia area.

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