Kickstart Initiative Provides Digital Marketing for Startups

by | May 8, 2022 | Community, Digital Marketing

In our 30+ years, we’ve seen our fair share of emerging businesses struggle to find success in marketing their innovative products and services. Some of the most common problems we’ve seen new businesses encounter include:

  • Marketing costs being too high for a startup budget
  • New ventures get taken advantage of by marketing companies after coming into a large pool of investment capital
  • A startups internal marketing team is often understaffed, and understands their market, but not best-practice full stack modern marketing strategies

To overcome the most relevant issues facing startups today, IT Edge is releasing their new initiative to provide full-service, affordable marketing services for emerging businesses. Coined the “Kickstart Initiative”, this solution cuts the cost of professional marketing services by as much as 25%, solely for local startups and small business owners. This plan also features a one-month, cost-free retainer plan for startups to test the ongoing aspect of Digital Marketing. 

Learn more about our exciting new Kickstart Initiative to support local startups below.

Providing a Full Stack Marketing Solution for Startups 

Ultimately, we understand that entrepreneurs and small business owners have a lot on their plates.

Unfortunately, that means that marketing and brand appearance often go to the wayside – yet, this isn’t a sacrifice that any business or organization can afford to make. Our goal is to lighten the load of emerging and small business leaders by offering a full service marketing solution at a startup-friendly rate. 

The Kickstart Plan includes the following:

As you can see, an entrepreneurial venture or startup supercharged with the Kickstart Plan will be off to an excellent start. To learn if your business, organization, or new venture qualifies for the Kickstart Initiative discounted pricing, connect with our team today.

As a part of the Kickstart Initiative, IT Edge proudly sponsors events with:

IT Edge is a partner of the upcoming Chester County Economic Development Council event “The First Dollar: Raising Venture Capital for Your Startup.”

We are also proud members of the West Chester University Marketing Leadership Council.

Read on to learn more about the Kickstart Initiative process.

How Does the Kickstart Initiative Work?

Fundamentally, the team at IT Edge strives to make a relatively complex process as simple as possible. This means outlining a clear process for platform setup, pricing, content population, maintenance, and more. Read the steps of the Digital Marketing process below:

  • Discovery: Connect with our team via email or phone to schedule a 15-30 minute discovery call or in-person consultation. This will allow our team to understand your current marketing needs.
  • Proposal: After a discovery call, our team will craft a custom-tailored plan of attack for your business. This may include a website redesign, social media improvements, SEO, analytics strategy, or many other potential services from our Digital Marketing toolkit.
  • Services: If the proposal with pricing are accepted, our team will implement all agreed-upon Digital Marketing improvements. We pride ourselves on responsive communication, swift action, and strict timelines. Each business & organization has a dedicated IT Edge tech for direct communication and project updates.
  • Follow-up & Maintenance: Depending on the businesses needs, the IT Edge team may make recommendations for ongoing website maintenance, search engine optimization, social media management, or more. As a part of the Kickstart Initiative, all of these services will be offered for three months free of charge. Once you determine the value of the service, we will negotiate a reasonable rate to continue providing monthly maintenance services.

For more details on pricing for individual entrepreneurs, small businesses and local ventures, schedule a discovery call with our Marketing Division Lead by emailing today.

Click here to learn more about the Kickstart Initiative.


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