What is Quickbooks and What Does it Do?

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With the plethora of technology and different accounting software available today, the days of having your finances handled by a CPA are over. The benefits of handling your own accounting are astronomical, but how do you decide which software to use? Here at IT Edge, we believe that there’s only one right choice for the job, Quickbooks. So, what is Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is exactly what the name implies, a quick solution to all of your bookkeeping needs. Quickbooks allows you to handle your own business finances and keep track of your own numbers. This ultimately saves you more money in the long term, as you are able to avoid paying somebody to do the accounting for you.

Unfortunately, this software can have a bit of a reputation for being somewhat difficult to use. However, with IT Edge, using Quickbooks can be an easy, user-friendly experience.

Do you find yourself asking “what is Quickbooks used for?” If so, keep reading to find out!


What is Quickbooks Used For?

When we say that Quickbooks is used for accounting, it really goes deeper than just that. Don’t think of it as a fancy way of writing numbers in a ledger, think of it as a way that reinvents standard accounting practices. 

When using Quickbooks for your business, you can use it to take care of typical accounting information like recording expenses and income, but you can also use it to take care of things that regular bookkeeping softwares don’t touch.

As well as an accounting software, Quickbooks can double as an inventory management software. Your inventory is tracked and kept up to date in real-time. Falling back under the accounting side, you can use Quickbooks to take care of pressing tax obligations so that you don’t have to worry whenever tax day comes around.

So, what is Quickbooks? So much more than accounting software.


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IT Edge is one the main licensed QuickBooks providers in all of Chester County. In addition to providing you with the software, IT Edge is here to help you along the way, for as long as you use Quickbooks. Starting with the setup, our installation team does their best to ensure that Quickbooks is set up properly for you, making the experience as user-friendly as possible.

That’s not all though. There’s more help whenever you need it. With several Quickbooks Pro Advisors on staff and a wealth of accounting knowledge between our team, we’ll be sure to solve your problem as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

For over 30 years, IT Edge has been the resident partner for any and all businesses in Chester County. With over 500 clients and a wealth of experience, a partnership with IT Edge is what you need to help your business succeed. 

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