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What do Digital Marketing Companies do?

by | Dec 21, 2022 | Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a relatively new practice. Although the internet, social media, and websites have been around for a while, the techniques that digital marketers use have only really started to be uncovered. 

Digital marketing companies can handle everything from web design to physical branding. A good digital marketer has the ability to perform various techniques and tasks that can contribute to the success of their client. 

Want to take a more in depth look at what digital marketing companies do for their clients? Keep reading to find out!


Web Design and SEO

One of the main things digital marketing companies handle are web design and search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a relatively new practice that involves conducting research on high ranking keywords that relate to your business specifically. 

Web design and SEO practices are directly correlated when a digital marketer is at work. Prior to building and designing a website, digital marketers conduct extensive research to find out what keywords would best benefit this particular business. 

Once keyword research has been completed, digital marketers will take those particular keywords and use them while building and writing pages for the website. 

This process is called optimization, and the plethora of keywords located on the website will allow search engines to locate this particular website more easily. 


Social Media Management

Another large part of digital marketing is the ability to produce and manage social media content. Aside from a personal website, social media pages are the best way that a business can get their message out and advertise their product. 

Many small to medium sized businesses often find themselves too busy with day to day responsibilities to find the time it takes to successfully run multiple social media pages. This is where digital marketers come in. Digital marketers know how social media platforms work, and can successfully create content that will bolster a business’ online presence. 

When a business has a powerful digital presence, it essentially serves as free advertising. Social media platforms favor accounts that create original content and post frequently, so with IT Edge doing both of these things for your business, it’s sure to make a difference.


Analytics Services

When employing all of these services, it’s important to know that you’re getting results. That makes this last service provided by digital marketers one of the most important ones. Analytics reporting services essentially serve as evidence that all of these techniques used by digital marketers are actually working. 

Analytics reporting can include a few different things. First, digital marketers will often report statistics found on the administrative side of a website. These statistics can include impressions made, the click through rate, and time spent on the page. Ideally, all of these statistics will improve over time as the website becomes more optimized. 

Next, digital marketers will often report on statistics directly related to social media pages and posts. These statistics can include impressions, page visits, and visits to links included in the posts. Again, ideally, these statistics will all improve as a company posts more frequently. 


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Now that you know a bit more about what digital marketers do, you can make the right decision when it comes time to employ one. 

Are you looking for help with your small business? IT Edge is here. We know what it’s like to be a small business, so we want to help any way we can. To get started with our digital marketing services, contact us today!



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