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Importance of Small Business Website Design

by | May 7, 2022 | Digital Marketing

What is Small Business Website Design?

Small business website design is the designing, arranging, and planning of content online in the form of a website that is tailored to small businesses and their customers. A well designed website is essential for small businesses and marketing a business.

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A website is often the first big impression that consumers have of your business, that is why small business website design is important. You want to convey the right messages to your customers about your business. Everything from the design, functionality, organization, and offerings of your website affect what the customer thinks about your business.

Interested? Keep reading to learn more about small business web design!

Importance of Small Business Website Design

Now that we’ve talked about the basics, let’s address why small business website design is important. Customers are becoming more independent and smarter, many research products and services first before trying them or visiting the physical location.

Google processes over 3 million searches everyday by individuals, even more startling is that over 50% of consumers purchase a product or service online each week. This rapid increase in ecommerce displays a need for small businesses to have an online presence.

Fundamentally, an online presence starts with a website. A website allows a small business to display to customers who they are and what they offer. A website is often the big first impression that a consumer gets regarding your business. So it is vital that the website is designed well, functions properly, and is easy to navigate!

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Difference between Small Business Website Design and Large Corporation Websites

Small business websites and large, corporate company websites may appear very similar, but they do have subtle differences. One of the differences is small business website design is tailored to the local community. There should be location services on the website and mention of the locality of the small business on several pages of the website.

Additionally, small businesses should highlight their story on their website. A small business’s story describing how the business got to where it is today appeals to customers and makes them want to support your business.

Another difference between corporate and small business website design is that small business websites often feature some of their products on their website’s main pages. For corporations, there is usually a separate website for products and services other than the company website.

It is important that small businesses have their products on one of their pages rather than a whole new site because customers will not want to do the extra work to find the products with a new business. With corporations it works because consumers know who they are and what they want.

To learn more about how to build and customize your small business website design, Check out our website!

Benefits of Using an Agency for your Small Business Website Design

You may be curious as to why you should pay an agency to help with your small business website design solutions. The answer is simple: high quality. An agency can design a high quality website for your small business that will be functional and professional.

For example, anyone can go on Wix or Squarespace and design their own website for free. The problem with these sites though is that they can limit what you can design ‘for free’ on your website. So certain essential features may be cut from your website.

Another problem with using free website design services is that they lack the professionalism that an agency can provide to your business. Free platforms usually keep their name in the website link, with an agency, they can customize your link to be your business name.

Not to mention, if customers see that your website is designed by a free platform they will assume that your business is relatively new or that it is not a serious establishment. To communicate the right message to consumers about your business, an agency is essential for small business website design.

An agency will help your small business convey professionalism while providing a high-quality, functional, modern website to your customers.

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We mentioned that when designing a small business website, an agency is the way to go versus a free platform. How do you find the right agency though? That is where we, at IT Edge, come in.

We specialize in providing affordable, high quality digital marketing services to local businesses in the greater Philadelphia area. Digital marketing services include website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, copywriting, branding, platform development, analytics, paid advertising campaigns, and many more services.

We offer businesses different service packages, pricing options, and individual services as well! We have a passion for helping small businesses succeed and our prices reflect that. We are trying to help you grow your business without breaking the bank!

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