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When your entire business is running off of a CRM software like Salesforce, there are a lot of opportunities for something to go wrong. This is where CRM consulting can be your business’ best friend. 

Here at IT Edge CRM, we offer CRM consulting to provide solutions to any and all problems that you might have. Whether your workflow is not how you would like it to be, or your software doesn’t have functionality that’s convenient for you, CRM consulting can help you find and implement a solution that makes your business function better than ever.

Want to know a little bit more about what we do here at IT Edge CRM? Keep reading to find out!

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CRM Consulting Begins With, you guessed it… A Consultation!

In order to best determine what will benefit your business, we need to understand how your business functions and the goals you have. In the beginning phase of CRM consulting, your initial consultation will serve as an opportunity for us to learn how to serve you the best we can.

During this initial consultation, we’ll create a plan based on your information that is mutually-agreed upon. With clearly defined and agreed upon goals for your business, our implementation process can begin.

While this form of CRM consulting is common with us, it’s far from all we do.

Questions? Ask away.

CRM Consulting In the Form of Custom Apps

Oftentimes we have clients coming to us with requests that standard CRM software, like Salesforce, typically can’t perform. You may think that means they’re out of luck, but that’s far from the truth. 

Here at IT Edge CRM we recognize that each business functions uniquely. Sometimes the best thing for your business may not have been thought of by anybody else, so there’s not a program you can use to implement that system.

With CRM consulting at IT Edge CRM, we’ll create that program for you. Yes, that’s right, we’ll create a custom application for you so that you can use whatever system is right for your business.

Our CRM consultants and developers are professionals at creating user-friendly, efficient, and powerful custom-made applications for our clients.

Using technologies like Aura, Lightning Web Components, Visualforce, and Apex, we can create any application that can help your business function to the best of its ability.


Integrating Salesforce

Another common scenario in CRM consulting is when a client is using two softwares that are not very compatible with each other.

Say an accounting firm is using Salesforce as their CRM, and QuickBooks as their accounting software. However, they want all of their information to be centralized in order for their workflow to be more productive.

At IT Edge CRM, we can connect those two platforms for you. When we connect two different pieces of vital software, this gives your business a step up on the others.

Now, you can work quicker, more efficiently, and all of your information has been integrated into one central location.

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CRM consulting may not seem like something you need, but we promise it can be your business’ best friend. When the software that your business runs on runs even more efficiently, that opens up tremendous opportunities for growth.

With CRM consulting your business can run smoother than you ever thought possible. To get started with this process, contact IT Edge CRM today!

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One of the primary benefits of our CRM Consulting Team is that we can serve any client, anywhere. Even so, as a technology consulting company based in West Chester, PA, we primarily serve clients in the greater Philadelphia area.

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