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IT Edge, Inc.
1157 Phoenixville Pike
Suite 101
West Chester, PA 19380

Phone: 610-431-7500 x1
Fax: 610-431-7551

FAQ Area

Can IT Edge help with all of my IT and Support Needs?

The answer is yes. Our team offers comprehensive services for all your IT needs. We are able to refer to outside partners for areas that we don’t handle ourselves such as phones, copiers and website development. Our experienced technicians will handle the wiring, setup of all hardware, and coordination with your software vendors. We handle Internet setup, email services, and all your security services.

Does IT Edge require we lock into a contract?

No. We understand that not everyone wants to be locked in, especially when they start working with a new vendor. If you are not happy with our services, you can cancel services with us at your discretion. We will professionally provide assistance to your new IT vendor.

Does IT Edge offer different support plans?

Yes. We prefer that clients be on our Managed Plan. This plan provides proactive services and comprehensive coverage for a fixed monthly cost. We understand that not all clients are looking for or can budget the Managed Plan, so we offer an Essentials Plan. This plan has some minimum annual commitments, but is really a pay-as-you-go solution.

How does IT Edge handle billing?

We bill at the first of the month for all recurring services such as email, monitoring and backup. IT Edge bills projects at time of completion that match what you were quoted. We then accumulate support calls throughout the month and send a clear and detailed billing statement.

How do I go about getting IT or computer support when I have an issue?

We prefer that clients email us with the request; this will automatically create a ticket in our support software. This way, we can dispatch the technician that is best suited to assist your situation. We also have multiple techs answering incoming calls.