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Computer Backup Services Are Vital to the Integrity of Your Business | West Chester, PA

Computer backup services act as a layer of protection for your company. In today’s day and age, data is everything.

Ultimately, this means that your data could be at risk. Whether through a virus, malicious individual, or physical damage, it’s worth taking the extra steps to protect this asset.

Hence, as a business owner, we know how important it is to keep customer data secure.

With both physical and cloud-based options, we’ll help you choose the best computer backup services for your location.

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Computer Backup Services Utilize Several Devices to Keep Data Secure

Computer backup services have to go beyond one simple backup drive. Ideally, a business should strive to boast completely reliable computer backup services.

Thus, our team will work closely with a business to identify the location of the most important data. Then, we will work to centralize each piece to one location.

Realistically, every business should have an in-house backup solution. Why? In the event of a large data loss, you won’t be stuck waiting for your data to be slowly restored from the Cloud.

In an optimal situation, you’d want to have multiple in-house devices that a business can swap. One hard drive would be kept off-site so it cannot be encrypted or at-risk. Plus, an off-site drive can protect from physical damage.

However, this isn’t the end-all-be-all of computer backup services. How can you protect your business by backing up data online? By implementing Cloud backup services.

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Implementing Cloud Backup Services to Ensure Your Data is Safe

Fundamentally, relying on rotating devices is not always ideal as users forget to swap the devices or check to confirm the backup is successful. Often a drive will go offline and the user is unaware that the data is not being backed up.

Because of this, having cloud backup services is recommended for every business to keep that important data safe and secure.

Further, through cloud backup services, all critical data is backed up daily. This is done without the need for user intervention or constant care and maintenance.

Therefore, it can give any business owner some much-needed peace of mind. As assets are protected automatically and remotely, you can start focusing on other business ventures.

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Work With a Team To Identify and Protect Your Most Important Assets

Computer backup services are truly a team effort between our team and yours. Hence, we will work with you to identify all data and important data storage locations.

Afterwards, our team can make recommendations on the best storage for your data. Typically, the best data backup is a combination of multiple strategies and techniques.

Of course, a true computer support team should go beyond simply presenting options. At IT Edge, we will work alongside your team to implement and maintain this process as you see fit.

Then, our team will provide proper training on how to check the backup and receive relevant email notifications. This will allow your team to stay informed and able to make adjustments to the backup as you see fit.

For our Managed clients, we monitor your backup daily. We go a step further and do a monthly test restore to prove that when needed, your data can be restored.

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Leveraging Trust and Communication to Benefit Your Business’s Data Backup

Computer backup services through IT Edge are, realistically, so much more than simple backup. With over 30 years of industry experience, we strive to provide the highest quality service.

Hence, we will leverage the capabilities of various techniques and methods to provide a customized offer for your business.

Plus, you can always reach out to our Helpdesk with any questions.

Are you interested in learning more about our computer backup services for your business? Give us a call today to learn how your business could benefit.