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Social Media Management in Downingtown

Social Media Management in Downingtown, PA. IT Edge has been trusted for over 30 years, learn more today!

Downingtown is located in the heart of Chester County. Being surrounded by bustling business towns like West Chester and Exton, if you run a business in Downingtown, you’re bound to have some competition.

Since all of these towns are located relatively close to one another, unfortunately your competition isn’t just limited to businesses in Downingtown, you’re competing with other businesses from all over the county.

These circumstances require you to give your business extra attention, making sure that you’re capitalizing on every opportunity presented to you. Unfortunately, this can leave little time for marketing practices like social media. Luckily for you, IT Edge is here to help with social media management in Downingtown. 

Social media management in Downingtown not only saves you time, but can act as a form of advertising for potential customers all over. Want to know more about how IT Edge can help you save time, and increase your customer base? Keep reading to find out!

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A Well Defined Content Plan

IT Edge knows that the key to running a successful social media account is to post consistently and often. With so much on your plate while running a business, it can be hard to find time to both create and post social media content on a daily basis. This is where IT Edge comes in.

We’ve been a small business for over 30 years, so we know how time consuming your day to day responsibilities can be. With social media management in Downingtown, you don’t have to worry about creating and posting content every day, we’ll take care of it. This way, you can focus on the pressing responsibilities that come with running a business. 

Here at IT Edge, our team of social media professionals will create a well defined content plan to ensure that your social media page is being run the best way possible. After creating and defining our content plan, we’ll create all of the social media for you! Whether you want to be totally hands off in this process, or have us submit posts for approval, our social media management in Downingtown has options for everybody.

It doesn’t stop there, however. Once all of the content is created, we will ensure that your content is posted at the right times to maximize impressions that it makes. Additionally, we’ll have full access to all of the analytics regarding your posts, so you can see that our method actually garners results. 

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Advertise To the Whole County

While our service is labeled “social media management in Downingtown,” the impression you make is not limited to your immediate area. When conducting traditional advertising campaigns such as billboards, radio ads, or even TV ads, the impression that you make is largely based on your geographic location. 

When running a successful business social media account, you can reach potential customers from all over the world. With a well managed and consistent social media presence, your customer base does not have to exist simply within your town. The expansiveness of social media channels allows you to create business opportunities from anywhere. This can be particularly effective when competing with nearby business hubs like Exton and West Chester.

Not to mention, it’s free! While traditional advertising campaigns require you to pay for ad space, posting on social media is completely free! Not only can you save money while conducting free advertising, you can also receive tangible results.

All social media channels that IT Edge operates on provide a free analytics section where you can see how many people have viewed or interacted with your post. We believe that all of these reasons and more make social media management in Downingtown the best possible option for your business.

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Gone are the days of competing against businesses two towns over. With social media management in Downingtown, your customer base will come to you. Don’t spend any more of your time typing up a social media post, leave it to us. 

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