Microsoft Windows 7 – Discontinued Support, End of Life

by Craig Crisafulli

Windows 7 ending

Microsoft is discontinuing support for Windows 7 effective on 01/14/20. That means that we recommend replacing all PCs running this OS by that date, or upgrading to Windows 10, as soon as possible. But why is this necessary for your business or personal computer?

The biggest issue with continuing to use Microsoft Windows 7 is that it will no longer be patched. That means your PC is vulnerable to any new viruses or security problems once patching is discontinued. This leaves those machines extremely vulnerable to any emerging threats.  Ultimately, you shouldn’t have an operating system that is no longer patched; this will lead to many problems down the road. That is why it is best to address the issues now, before you run into problems.

As a general rule, we recommend replacing PCs that are more than three years old. Plus, consider upgrading a computer to Windows 10 if it’s 3 years old or newer. Our team has been busy the last several months upgrading many clients and expect that to continue through the new year. 

Once you switch to the newest version of Windows, you won’t be disappointed. Because the patches are still active, you can rest assured that any bugs are taken care of. Realistically, when it comes to your business, there is no room for error. Further, there is no time to waste on trying to fix bugs yourself.

Are you making sure that your computers are up-to-date? If they are not, connect with our team. Because we are experienced at updating these computers, there is no doubt that we can assist your business.


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