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by Braedon Swindler

cloud services imageCloud services, the new buzzword of the industry. Sadly, a lot of people can be turned away as soon as they hear the name, or any mention of this mysterious “cloud”. Yet, what if it’s not as mysterious as people think?

Sure, it’s easier to look at a computer and say, “this has my storage, and I can see it – so it’s safer”. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Even physical storage can be corrupted or damaged.

Plus, what if you’re out of the office and need to access some files? What if you’re tired of buying more and more physical storage on your computers? Look to the cloud.


Cloud Services Allow You to Access Files Almost Anywhere


Cloud services bring a lot of benefits to the table, but this might be our favorite one. Especially while many of us are working from home, the true benefits of the Cloud start to show themselves.

Ultimately, all that you need is a reliable internet connection. Got that? Well then, you’re ready to go. Nearly all your data and files can be stored on the cloud – or, online – so you can access them anywhere.

If you have one home computer and one work computer, as many of us do, you’re set. Otherwise, you’ll be lugging around storage devices which can get lost or damaged in transit. Plus, quite frankly, it’s a just a pain to take extra steps.


Cloud Services Provide Top-Tier Email, File, Data Backup


Understandably, cloud services strike some business owners as less secure than physical drives. When you can’t see your data, it can sometimes be harder to trust.

However, storing your data, files, or emails on the cloud can actually be safer than storing them in a physical location. Ideally, you’d have both set up together – if one fails, the other will be the failsafe.

Many companies don’t even want to think about what would happen if their emails, data, or files were to suddenly ‘disappear’. That’s why, often, cloud services are a great way to give peace of mind for your business.


Lower the Cost of Hardware and Maintenance


So you have safety and convenience – sounds pretty good so far. Yet, there is another crucial benefit to cloud services, and business owners love it. Saving money!

Typically, a business could invest in renting server hardware or software to store all of their data. However, over time, this can get really taxing on the checkbook.

Cloud services present the ideal opportunity for small businesses to redirect all of their resources towards growth. We all want our security and backups to be effective, accessible, and, ultimately, affordable.

We’re on the same page!


Are You Properly Leveraging the Cloud?


Cloud services are beneficial to a company whether a small start-up or an established multinational. To keep all of your data and files safe and secure online, accessible from home, is key.

Hopefully, we were able to cut through some of the false complexities of cloud computing through this blog. Put your data and your files online, where you can access them whenever you’d like.

These services give a business the unique opportunity to save money on your hardware costs while feeling more secure about your information. We know it can feel intimidating, but that’s why IT consulting companies are here to help.

IT Edge has been supporting companies in navigating Cloud Services as long as they’ve been around. Click here to learn more about our Cloud Services. Give us a call if you have any questions!

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