Set Up for REMAX Software in Newtown

by Bob Kwiatkowski

Remax Software image

REMAX software is vital, too! IT Edge just finished the installation of a new file server and Active Directory domain controller for REMAX Properties, LTD. in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

We’ve been supporting this office since 1998. This is when we met Doug and Chris Terry for the first time. They are a terrific group to work with, both for REMAX software and hardware.

Today, many of the software programs used by the company are cloud-based solutions. However, there is a new SQL-based application. This requires a significantly faster server than the office previously employed.

Chris and I worked together to purpose-build a new Dell server. This new server would fulfill the needs of the company over the next 5-6 years. In addition to the new program, QuickOffice, the new server took the place of the old one. It took over as the networks Active Directory domain controller, Quickbooks server, and file server.

This increased overall speed, for sure. Yet another example of a business that could improve efficiency.

During the installation close-out, we installed a 48 port gigabit Netgear switch and 2TB Buffalo NAS. This was able to improve the overall speed of the network and provide in-house backup solutions, respectively.

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