Recent Remote Access Security Concerns

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Is your remote access security up to par? Many of you use Microsoft VPN and/or Microsoft Remote Desktop products to connect directly with your PCs or servers.

We have seen a dramatic increase in hacking attempts targeting both styles of connection. In light of these events, we are recommending that you take certain steps to safeguard against these attacks. This will thereby increase your network’s security.

The Client For You

One of the best solutions available is Sonicwall’s SSL VPN client. The Sonicwall appliance handles the VPN authentication tasks, instead of your server. Your PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android, Apple computer, etc. connects using a small, locally installed software client.

Fundamentally, you benefit from a more secure version of VPN encryption. Plus, you also take advantage of multi-factor authentication by means of a separate user account and password for the VPN connection. SSL VPN credentials are separately maintained on the Sonicwall appliance. We encourage the use of unique passwords for a higher level of security.

The Sonicwall router also allow us to restrict certain inbound traffic to commonly used business ports. This is done by identifying a source address or source network. A good example of this is an on-premise Exchange server. We disallow all traffic inbound on port 25, unless the source of the traffic is coming from our SPAM and virus filtering solution.

Is There Another Way?

Alternatively, you can address this issue by moving away from Microsoft VPN / Remote Desktop. You can move to a 3rd party service like GoToMyPC or LogMeIn. Experience has shown that most individuals prefer Remote Desktop over these products for a variety of reasons. Some of these are the speed of access to their business network.

Ultimately, our goal is to increase security while maintaining functional access to business technologies that you currently use. If you do not own a Sonicwall, we can work with you to replace the existing firewall/router in your office to achieve these goals.

We’d encourage you to reach out to your account lead to discuss the particulars of your setup. That way, we can accurately advise on the best way to handle your unique situation. Remote access security should be a priority!

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