QuickBooks Slow Performance due to Large .TLG File

by Walt Ball

QuickBooks Performance, May 20, 2020

QuickBooks assistance in West Chester, PA

Of course, every business strives to find their own way to take care of accounting internally. Not only does it save money, but it allows any business owner to stay on top of their books. What is the most common option?

Many small and medium sized businesses use QuickBooks. As one of the most popular software services for businesses, it is relatively user friendly as far as software goes. However, even on QuickBooks, users occasionally experience slow performance.  Ultimately, this could be for a variety of reasons; but a few are particularly common. As QuickBooks ProAdvisors, the team at IT Edge not only provides IT Support but assists with the setup and troubleshooting of the program.

So, what is making the program slow down? QuickBooks stores data in a QBW file. Yet, it also keeps track of everything every user does in the TLG file.  The TLG file quickly grows beyond the data file. As the program adds to it constantly, it begins to slow down. This can be a common issue.

In order to “shrink” the TLG file, you have to do a backup within the program itself and go into Options and select Complete Verification.  Once the software knows a fully verified backup has been completed, it will purge all the information since the last backup from the TLG file, thus reducing it in size.  

Like most things with computers, there are potential issues and additional steps may need to be taken.  Let our IT Edge team train you how to handle the process.

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