Office Move Tips and Tricks for Your IT Infrastructure

by Walt Ball

Office move

Office Move on the Horizon?

As an Outsourced IT Provider, IT Edge handles office moves on a regular basis for their clients.  The key to a successful move is proper planning.  Our computer and network consulting services will help you cover the details of your office move.  The first thing to do is to determine which ISP options you have. Then, ensure that fast internet is available.  Afterwards, contact your current vendor (which is usually Verizon or Comcast) and get the specifics on how service will be transferred and exact timing details.

The next step is to come on-site to your current location so we can review your current setup. Then, we can head to your new space.  We’ll walk through and identify the location of the server and networking closet.  After this, we will identify network printers and wireless access pints.  We can then provide a quote and handle the wiring for voice and data.  Lastly, we’ll coordinate with the other IT vendors that will be involved.  Those are typically your phone, copier, and security vendors to ensure a smooth experience.

What’s the Best Way to be Prepared?

On the day of the move, the norm is for us to be at your location early to pick up the server and networking equipment.  Users will have moved over their furniture and equipment.  We will then head to the new space to setup the server and networking equipment and make sure everyone has proper connectivity to the server and the Internet.

With proper planning and communication, we’ll have your office equipment up and running by 9am in it’s new home! Connect with our team today to learn more.

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