Microsoft Teams: What You Need to Know

by Nick Volpe

Microsoft Teams image blueMicrosoft Teams: The New Communications & Collaboration Hub Inside Microsoft 365

Our clients ask about Microsoft Teams on a consistent basis. This is not surprising since Microsoft is pushing this newer service to be the hub of Microsoft 365 online services. You can use it as a SharePoint access utility, conferencing solution, Slack alternative, calendar viewer, and more. Microsoft is constantly adding features. More and more small businesses are moving to Microsoft 365 services. More often than not, licenses are including the service at no additional cost. There is even a free version (with a smaller feature list) for non-Microsoft 365 clients.

This makes it a cost-effective and interesting alternative to some of the other communications platforms like Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, and others. At the most basic level, you can use it as an internal instant messaging platform. However, with the vast number of features, capabilities are endless. In the past, when companies needed a stop-gap between emails and phone calls, companies would have to invest in expensive or complicated on premise solutions or the not-so-great integrated capabilities of Skype for Business or the Lync message before it. So, if you use Microsoft 365 at the center of your business, and could benefit from instant messaging or conferencing, Microsoft Teams is definitely worth a look.

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