Is Your Computer Backup Working Properly?

by Nick Volpe


Computer Backup Tips and Tricks

Computer backup should be discussed all the time. In fact, as a trusted IT provider and MSP in West Chester, PA, helping our clients with their backup systems is a major part of what we do. Our team specializes in everything from setting up and replacing in-house backup systems to troubleshooting cloud backup issues. Hence, when it’s all said and done, backup is worth the extra attention. Without a proper backup solution, your data is exposed and can prevent you from getting your data back when you critically need it.

Computer Backup Tip #1 – Notifications

First, a key element of a good backup strategy is backup notifications. These will give an alert to make you aware of any issues so that they can be addressed right away. Most backup software/services allow you to set this up to one or more email addresses, so the right people are notified right away.

Computer Backup Tip #2 – Test Restores

Additionally, another critical element is a test restore. This is when you restore a file from a previous backup and open the file to verify that the backup is working. Of course, a successful backup status is nice, but a backup is only good if you can restore from it. There are various reasons why a backup would complete successfully but have a restore fail. We recommend doing this procedure once per month. This is a service that IT Edge provides to its Managed Plan customers as an added benefit.

Safety Tip #3 – 3-2-1 Backups

Finally, another critical element is to have a robust backup system. The best system can withstand any type of challenge or disaster like fire, theft, user error, malware attack, or ransomware. The best way to do this is to follow this specific formula: have multiple backup copies (3 to be precise) in 2 different locations (ideally 1 offsite and 1 onsite for quick access when possible) for 1 really good backup solution. This increases the chances that you have a good backup when you really need it. Hence, the 3-2-1 backup system can leave you with peace of mind.


It’s a good idea to review your backup solution on a regular basis to make sure it is backing up the proper items to the proper places and the proper times. IT Edge, your local IT provider, can assist. Learn more about our backup services here.

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