Dual Factor Authentication: Know the Benefits

The Internet is handy, yet tricky; here are  the benefits of knowing how to protect yourself while browsing using dual factor authentication.

Dual factor authentication, also known as 2FA, is an extra step users are recommended to take in order to keep their accounts secure. Across all different platforms, the existence of dual factor authentication maintains your safety.

Unfortunately, there is a rise of hackers and credential leaks every day, but 2FA is here to help.

Arguably one of the most important parts about Internet safety, utilizing 2FA has many advantages in your daily and work life. Read further to discover these benefits.

What is Dual Factor Authentication Anyway?

Dual factor authentication ensures that the only person logging into your account is you. With that extra step, your account verifies and protects your identity.

The purpose of 2FA is to make sure no one else logs into your account. Additionally, even if a password leak occurred, dual factor authentication stops others from accessing your account.

Just because they have the password does not mean they can log in as long as 2FA is implemented.

Common 2FA methods:

  • Codes. These are sent to a designated cell phone number. This means that when 2FA is in use, a way to verify your identity is by sending a numerical code to your device. Then, the code is typed in to allow you access to your account.
  • Biometric recognition. Also known as fingerprint and/or facial recognition, these methods allow you to use yourself as a way to confirm access.
  • Security token. After putting in your username and password into an account, a security token can be used as a 2FA method. Existing as a key fob, USB, or another code, these tokens block unwanted entries.

Again, dual factor authentication is for your benefit. Take the extra step to maintain the safety of your account and credentials.

Why 2FA is Important

There are many reasons why dual factor authentication is important. Namely, it’s not difficult to step up. Once it’s completed, you’re all protected!

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More and more websites and companies are using 2FA to keep themselves safe.

Examples of these companies include:

  • Amazon
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Apple

Think about it, wouldn’t you want to use 2FA on your Amazon account when you have credit cards connected? It’s a smart choice to save yourself in the long run in case of a leak.

No matter how good your password is, leaks still occur. Therefore, 2FA blocks wrongful entry to your account. It helps to give you peace of mind with the extra layer of security.

It only takes a few minutes to set up verification for your accounts. Something so quick and easy improves your chances of being protected online.

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