Client is Back in Business in Less Than 24 Hours After Major Ransomeware Attack

A small customer with a peer-to-peer server calls in on Wednesday 12/27 to advise he opened a virus and all of his data is encrypted and inaccessible. We connect remotely into the machine immediately and determine that he has not been checking his onsite backup and the last backup is from October 2015. On the same day, we get the server & backup drive back to our shop and install a new hard drive.  We then restored from the old 2015 full image backup so the system looks like it did back then. Luckily, the customer had done a backup of their accounting software recently and we were able to restore from the previous week. After carefully examining the infected drive, we were able to find the Outlook data file somehow did not get encrypted. We were at the customer’s location first thing Thursday morning to deliver the good news and had him fully operational by 9 AM.

It’s important that your IT provider can get you back up and running quickly when disaster strikes. We have the experience to support you quickly when needed most.

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