Beefing Up Your Business Security with Microsoft 365

by Nick Volpe

Microsoft 365 image

You have probably heard about Microsoft 365 services (formerly Office 365) in one form or another. As an IT provider in West Chester, PA, IT Edge migrates and sets up various Microsoft 365 services for its clients. Ultimately, you need to be sure that your business is safe and secure. Are you looking to increase your email and overall business security? Here are some ways that Microsoft 365 can help.

Multi-factor Authentication

Microsoft 365 can secure your services with a multi-factor approach. That means that your users’ account passwords are no longer the only thing keeping the bad guys out. Then, you can be sure that your valuable information is safe and secure. To us, it seems like a simple solution to a complex problem.

You get options like text message-based verification or One-Time Passcodes. They even offer a Microsoft Authenticator app for your mobile device. This allows you to allow or deny access to your account. This is one of the best ways you can secure your email and business; by keeping prying eyes out of your business communications.

Email Encryption with Azure Rights Management

Companies all over the world are communicating with customers and clients on a daily basis for business. Ultimately, email without an additional layer of encryption is like sending a postcard through the postal service. It is fairly easy for bad guys to intercept email messages. When your emails are compromised, there could be a risk for more information being lost. Fundamentally, consider how much information you are sending through email channels. If this is funneled into one central location, your company’s data could be at risk.

Thus, you should always assume that your message contents and attachments can be viewed by anyone. This is where Email Encryption comes in. With this offering, you can categorize emails or push a button in your email client to send an encrypted message to your recipient. This ensures that the intended recipients are the only ones with access to the message contents.

Hence, this is a great solution for anyone looking for increased security. Realistically, computer safety is more important now than ever before. Because of this, we encourage companies to consider the best track for their safety online. Take the right steps to stay safe online!

Security & Compliance Center

When you need to know what’s happening in the system, the Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Center can help you out. The Center can setup policies, look at detailed logs, and even setup alerts to know when email is being forwarded from an account. These are some of the many security improvements you can make for your business when utilizing Microsoft 365’s suite of email and productivity services.

It helps to have a trusted IT consulting partner and Managed Service Provider at your side to assist. Located in West Chester, PA, our team is ready and willing to help your business stay safe online. Give us a call today to get on board with Microsoft 365.

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